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Plastic bottles prevented from polluting our planet*


Wheelie bins of plastic erased from existence

We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation! What does this mean?

Fresh ways to reduce plastic waste

We deliver fresh milk, groceries and household products to your door – in returnable glass bottles, reusable containers or recyclable packaging. We also collect your empties (and whistle a new tune every morning).

So, why choose us?

Plastic free range

Order farm-fresh groceries like milk, juice, eggs, butter, bread, fruit and vegetables in plastic free packaging and returnable glass bottles.

Joining is easy

Join on our website or app for regular doorstep deliveries and collections, up to three times a week, with flexible ordering and no commitment.

Order up to 8pm

Once you've joined our milkround, you can add to your repeat order or add one time orders up to 8pm – for delivery early the next morning.

We're not your conventional tree huggers or milkmen, for that matter. But we're passionate about reducing plastic waste and are up at the crack of dawn doing our bit for the environment with every glass bottle we collect.

We work directly with independent farmers and suppliers while treating everyone in our supply chain fairly. Doing the right thing helps them to remain sustainable and benefits us in the long run. It's called karma.

In the unlikely event that you should need them, our Customer Service Team is available from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, 9am - 3pm on Saturday, and 8am - 1pm on Bank Holidays. We'll also keep you abreast of any possible delays due to flooding, blizzards or raining frogs etc, via email.

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