About Us

Why it was started

The initiative behind the Modern Milkman was organically born from a combination of compassion for animal wildlife, environmental conscience and a genuine effort to support the local farmer; We want to make the world a better place! Simply put, we realised that the current, popular system of purchasing milk and other groceries from supermarkets in single-use plastic containers caused some major issues for not only humans in relation to environmental safety of our planet and the livelihood of deteriorating milk farmers, but also its catastrophic influence on the survival of many different species of animals. From this, we realised it was time for a change. Not only did we want to aid in the mission to look for single-use plastic alternatives, but we also wanted to offer a service which makes your grocery purchasing as easy and convenient as possible. Our milk delivery follows the same traditional scheme of providing products as simple as a doorstep service but takes orders and payment in a modernised system to better meet the demands of the fast-paced world we live in.

Our aims:

As the Modern Milkman continues to develop, we're aiming to recycle all our efforts in order to spread our services and our message across the nation; supporting local farmers, doing our bit to drastically reduce the abuse of plastic, improving the health of animal wildlife, and ultimately provide many more customers with delicious fresh milk and groceries each and every morning using an order and payment system that is as convenient as possible.

Together, The Modern Milkman website and app allows users to browse and order their grocery products easily from their electronic devices as well as seeing the impact they are making. We’re always on the lookout to be adding more variety to the products we offer, aiming to deliver all your essentials to your doorstep before 7:30am at the press of a button. On top of the different kinds of milk we offer (full fat, skimmed and semi-skimmed), milkshakes (strawberry, banana and chocolate), free range eggs, farmhouse butter, and delicious fresh brownies, next on our menu will be even more groceries. All of our products are farm fresh with absolutely no compromise on quality.

How to get involved

In our short life, we’ve experienced the demand for a convenience service which cares. Here at the Modern Milkman, we’re not ready to stop delivering this and we’re adding more and more areas and products to our service. We started out delivering milk in our small home town of Colne, before branching out into various surrounding towns. So join the movement, ditch single-use plastic, support your local farmers, try out our delicious products and make your life a little easier by signing up to the Modern Milkman today to receive your very first order!