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Investors large and small! Your opportunity to invest in a waste-free future and own shares in the Modern Milkman starts here.

Capital at risk

Join us in banishing waste to the history books.

Supermarkets have sacrificed our planet for bloated supply chains, drawn-out shelf lives and plastic packaging. But inspired by David Attenborough, we’ve rebooted the milkround to kick waste’s a**.

The Modern Milkman has grown from four mates and a beat-up truck into delivering plastic free groceries to thousands of doorsteps across the country. But this is just the beginning.

Hear from Simon, our CEO and Co-Founder, on what drives our passion for the planet, and discover how you can grow with us on the way to a waste-free future.

After four delicious years of growth, we’d love you to join the journey

Capital at risk

The problem

One-third of global greenhouse gas emissions are created by food production (New Scientist).

6.6 million tonnes of food is thrown out by UK households per year (Wrap). That’s up to £400 rotting in each household’s bin (Cardiff Journalism).

141 million tonnes of plastic packaging is produced per year (Wrap).

Eight million pieces of plastic leak into the ocean each day (Surfers Against Sewage).

88% of plastic is buried in landfill, incinerated or shipped overseas (Big Plastic Count)


When did the world of groceries get so… gross?

Supermarkets have commoditised food and wrapped it in single-use packaging. But our app swaps unexpected plastic in bagging areas with fresh, plastic free deliveries in home-compostable, recyclable or return-and-reusable packaging.

We’re backed
by market-leading VCs

Oh and guess what?

We’re just getting started.

Capital at risk

Our story so far

There’s a reason why we’re GP Bullhound’s Fastest Growing Company of 2022...

Happy customers

Strong customer retention (39% over 52 weeks), with over 16,000 5-star Trustpilot reviews.

Happy planet

Over 58 million plastic bottles prevented from polluting the planet.

Happy investors

Backed by market leading VCs, ETF Partners (green tech specialists) and Insight Partners (consumer specialists).

Happy suppliers

Giving independent farmers, bakers and makers a fair price and platform to sell their delicious goods.

Happy accountants

Subscription model with 62x revenue growth since 2019. If you bump into our CFO, let him know that definitely deserves an extra beer at the Christmas do.

Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!

A milkround shared is a plastic problem halved

Since 2019, we’ve grown our revenue by 62x, with 93% of that revenue recurring from a legendary bunch of highly engaged, highly satisfied customers.

In other words, we’ve grown a heck of a lot. But our mission remains the same. And we can’t do it alone.

Why we’re crowdfunding…

Resetting our throwaway society requires collaboration, and we want you with us every step of the way.

Your support will help us continue to:

  • Expand our plastic free, return-and-reuse range.
  • Invest in tech to improve our online customer experience and milkround delivery app.
  • Make it EVEN EASIER for you to shop ethically.
  • Embed the circular economy into the fabric of the UK, and crack on with making return-and-reuse packaging the go-to norm.
  • We’re helping to pave the way to a better, brighter future. And the more people sharing our success, the quicker we can get there.

    Eradicating waste? You can bank on it.

    Capital at risk

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    How in the heck does investing in the Modern Milkman work?

    Good question! Equity crowdfunding is an opportunity for a broad range of investors (aka the crowd) to invest in private companies who aren’t listed on the stock exchange. The process allows individuals to buy shares in the company, and if the company performs well, returns on investment (ROI) are typically made when it is bought by another company, or via a liquidity event - e.g. an IPO (when a private company first sells stock shares to the public). It’s important to be aware, however, that if the company fails, anyone who’s invested through crowdfunding can lose some, or all, of their investment.

    But of course! We’re very grateful for your support and will reward people who commit to certain levels of investment. Head to our Crowdcube page to read about our investor rewards.

    Crowdcube enables companies like the Modern Milkman to issue shares to - and raise money and support from - a variety of investors. Whether you’re an experienced investor or dipping your toes in for the first time, Crowdcube offers the chance to invest in the future of companies you believe in. Like us!

    Our crowdfunding round opened as of 29th November 2022!

    The Modern Milkman is backed by market-leading investors and specialists in clean/green tech and consumer behaviour, including ETF Partners and Insight Partners.

    Your capital is at risk when you buy shares through equity crowdfunding. Head to Crowdcube and their risk warning to make sure you’re all clued up. Or, if you have any other Qs, please do get in touch via our Crowdcube page.

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