Conserving our resources

while we still can

We live on a beautiful blue planet. But we’re destroying
our natural habitats and resources at a dangerous rate.

If we don't conserve what we've got, there'll be even more
plastic entering the ocean. Even more carbon leaking into the
atmosphere. And even more microplastics in our food chains.

One-way supply chains
create nothing but


Single-use packaging has become begrudgingly accepted
as the grocery norm, along with unexpected items in the
bagging area.

But this 'convenience at any costs' approach is not
sustainable. And we need to find alternatives. Fast.

Just 12% of our household plastic
waste is recycled here in the UK.*

The problem with


Most plastics are made from fossil fuels and can take
hundreds of years to break down, leeching harmful
chemicals into our environment. And we’re producing
more than we know what to do with.

This is why giant garbage patches are cluttering our
oceans and harming marine wildlife.

*Everyday plastic results

Let’s circle back to find

The Solution

Eliminating waste and pollution calls for businesses to give back what they put in, and work together to circulate and reuse materials.

Environmental experts believe we must transition to a circular economy to conserve natural resources. For the grocery market, this means switching to reusable and home compostable packaging.

Over single-use plastic?

So are we

Our goal is to create a waste-free future, in which
collecting, washing and reusing packaging is the norm.

This requires:

  1. The infrastructure to handle a circular supply chain
  2. Collaborative, hard-working, sustainable suppliers

Enter, us. Combining a traditional milkround with
modern technology, we work with independent dairies
and suppliers to create convenience with a conscience at
the push of a button. It’s not easy leading the way to a
circular economy. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

The Return and Reuse Dream
Not bad for four friends
and a beat-up truck

Saint David Attenborough (as we call him) highlighted
the plastic waste crisis in our oceans and inspired us to
do something about it.

We started as a local milkround in Colne, Lancashire,
with a vehicle that barely passed its MOT. Fast forward
a few years, and we’re a network of eco-warriors on
earlies delivering sustainable groceries across the UK.

But this story isn’t about us…

It’s about the independent suppliers, committed to investing in sustainable packaging.

It’s about the thousands of brew-sipping treat-lovers, working together to reduce waste.

It’s about our everyone who believes in a brighter future for our planet.

Looking to

The future

Our beautiful planet sits at the heart of everything we do. And when it comes to working
on our sustainability credentials, we're like a puppy with the zoomies. We just don’t stop.

As part of our carbon reduction plans, we're looking to add to the two electric vehicles already on
our milkround. But due to the lack of charging infrastructure around our hubs, this is not
an easy transition. As a young business, we're doing as much as we can, as quickly as we
can, and this is definitely on our roadmap.

We always aim to source plastic free products. But this can be tricky in areas such as our
household range, where we're yet to find an alternative to reusable plastic bottle tops.

If there's no return and reuse solution with a product, we use home compostable
packaging. Because while technically made of plastic, this is not derived from fossil fuels
and will break down into 100% organic matter without any harmful residue.

No one said it'd be easy, but the environmental rewards far outweigh the effort.
Check out our impact report for more info on our sustainability plans and credentials.

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