Our Suppliers

At the Modern Milkman we take pride and care when selecting our suppliers. We ask our customers for suggestions for suppliers, meet with the suppliers and test the products before launching. We are extremely proud of the produce that we offer and are thankful to our suppliers for supplying the highest quality goods. Here are a few of our suppliers and why we chose them.

Balmer's Dairy

Your milk and cream comes from the Balmer Family, who run Lane House Farm Dairy in Briercliffe. For them, the care of their cows is paramount, and having been supplying the East Lancashire area for over thirty years, they certainly know what good milk should taste like. They’re just down the road from here and that means that the milk is fresh, that it’s travelled only a very short distance and that you’re supporting local farmers.

The Balmer’s were our first ever supplier. Your milkman is on their farm each morning before the crack of dawn to collect that dairy fresh goodness that you couldn’t get from a supermarket and we hope you’ll taste the difference too!

Robinson’s Eggs

Robinsons eggs produce, grade and pack the finest free range eggs onsite. The farm is located in heart of the Forest of Bowland in the picturesque village of Slaidburn. The family farm has been in operation for more than 20 years and farmer Robert Lomax believes the welfare of his free range birds is paramount, as happy hens make happy eggs.

They are committed to farming free range eggs and supply them in 100% biodegradable packaging, falling well in line with our passion and beliefs.

Derby Hill Dairy

Derby Hill Farm has been a working farm since 1850. It has been in the Bradley family for 5 generations and all of your farmhouse butter and milkshakes come from there. These proud Lancastrians began producing butter on the farm a few years ago. They use a traditional method, which includes hand patting the butter using wooden paddles. The only ingredient they add to the cream which makes your butter is sea salt.

The milkshakes are made using their delicious whole milk, and they only add natural ingredients to it to create those brilliant flavours you’ll just want more and more of. They care a great deal about their cows and that’s why they’re RSPCA accredited.

Blondie Brownie.

Blondie Brownie are responsible for the irresistible chocolate brownies that the Modern Milkman deliver to doorsteps each morning. Kayleigh and Natalie’s brownies are highly sought after products across the area with them regularly selling out at fairs and markets. One way to guarantee you don’t miss out, is by ordering them through The Modern Milkman.

Keep an eye out for the flavour of the month!