Bertinet Bakery

Bertinet Bakery

A Bit About Bertinet

Tried our Rustic Country White or Seven Seeds & Grains bread yet? Bertinet Bakery are the sourdough specialists dedicated to bringing you a slice of simple, honest, golden goodness right to your doorstep.  

After realising traditionally handcrafted loaves could only be found in exclusive bakeries, they set out on a mission - to bring better bread to every table. Bread that's better quality, better for the Earth, and better for you. And who could ask for better than that? 

With a passion for the planet and a love for all things sourdough, they believe in the power of wholesome ingredients. No artificial preservatives. No added sugars. No funny business. Just a diverse blend of grains, locally sourced, and naturally full of flavour and nutrition. They even use flour created from wild farmed crops.  

When it comes to proper bread, these wizards of wheat are the loaf legends we all knead.  

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