Worship Coffee

Worship Coffee

Worship Coffee are a small family business who pride themselves on high quality brews with a low environmental impact.

Arriving in glass jars, which we collect and refill from your doorstep, their tea and coffee is ethically sourced from all over the globe. AND, their recyclable paper labels are made from 30% sun-dried hay and 70% FSC®-certified virgin pulp, which requires 97% less energy and 99% less water consumption to produce. How cool is that!?

Grown in rich volcanic soils with an ideal combo of sunlight and rainfall, their coffee beans are used for our very own exclusive Modern Milkman blend, made with 95% Arabica and 5% Robusta beans. Hipsters, eat your heart out!

Oh, and if saving the planet is your cuppa tea, we recommend bagging Worship’s rich, crisp, clean-tasting brew, made from Kenyan tea leaves ethically grown in the East Rift Valley. Whether you add milk before or after, there’s no debate about this tea’s eco-friendliness, as you can pop the teabags in your home compost once you’re done!

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