3 pints semi-skimmed milk (Red top)

£2.54 pack

Milk our round for all its worth, by saving 10p thanks to our semi-skimmed milk bundle.  The fuller our vans, the more efficient our milkround. And the more efficient our milkround, the more savings we can pass to you lovely lot. That's why we're offering a discount for all you planet-loving milk drinkers out there (you know who you are). Our semi-skimmed boasts all the delicious, lip-smacking freshness of our whole milk, just with less cream. And produced by happy cows in independent UK dairies, it’s pasteurised to kill any harmful bacteria.  Our three-pint bundle also arrives in return-and-reuse glass bottles, giving your wheelie bin and the planet a well-deserved breather. 

Our Semi-skimmed Milk’s eco packaging: Return-and-reuse glass bottles. Banish single-use plastic to Room 101 with the help of our return-and-reuse glass bottles. Underlining the “fresh” in farm-fresh produce, these save millions of plastic bottles from being incinerated, landfilled or shipped overseas. So, once you’ve dripped every last drop of milk on your cereal and in your brews, just give your empties a quick rinse before leaving them on your doorstep for us to collect and reuse again, and again, and again, and again.... And again! 

Where does it come from? Our farm-fresh semi skimmed milk deliveries come from independent dairies across the UK. This makes sure we keep our supply chains short and doorsteps full of fresh produce! No waste. No plastic. No trips to the shop. What could be better?! 

Volume: x3 pints 

Quantity: x3 bottles 

Milk. ALLERGY ADVICE: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Typical valuesper 100ml servingper 50ml serving
Energy kJ204102
Energy kcal4924.5
of which saturates1g0.5g
of which sugars5g2.5g

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