Fruit & Veg Box

£13.95 /Box

We know that many people are looking for ways to cut down single-use plastic, and that supermarket fruit, veg and salad can be one of the biggest offenders, and that’s why we’ve developed our range of fruit, veg and salad boxes.

The ingredients are of the highest quality. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference. They’re all sourced by Ben and his team at Class One, who started life out on the market on Skipton High Street when his family set up a stall there and they’re incredibly proud to work with local farmers and producers to provide excellent produce.

2 items in each box will change each week with different varieties of fresh seasonal veg.

Suitable for a family of 4

  • Washed potatoes (1.5kg)
  • Washed carrots (750g)
  • Medium brown onions (750g)
  • Broccoli (x2)
  • Bananas (x1 bunch)
  • Seasonal apples (x4)
  • Oranges (x4)
  • Ruby grapes (x1 bunch)
  • Clementines (x4)
Washed potatoes (1.5kg)
Washed carrots (750g)
Medium brown onions (750g)
Brocolli (x2)
Bananas (x1 bunch)
Seasonal apples (x4)
Oranges (x4)
Grapefruit (x1)
Pomegranate (x1)

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