When are my payments taken?

The first payment is taken on the day you place your order. From there on in the payments are taken on the same day that the first payment was made.

What time is my deliveries?

Our drivers work hard through the night ensuring your deliveries are there for 7:30 each morning, dependant on your place on the automated route, your delivery will arrive between 12:00 am and 7:30 am.

Can I set a delivery time?

Our routing software is an automatic system that allows us to deliver to the maximum number of houses overnight. If you require delivery by a particular time earlier than 07:30 am please get in touch and it will be passed on to the milkman to see if he can accommodate the delivery times. There will be no guarantee of delivery by this time.

Can I leave delivery instructions?

Yes, when placing your order, there is a text box available for ‘Landmarks’ feel free to leave any information in here for our drivers that will make the delivery easier for them and more suitable for you.

Do I have to have a delivery on every delivery day for my area?

No, you can order your subscriptions on as little or as many delivery days as you like.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, you can order as little as you want on a few delivery days as you like.

What am I paying a 30p subscription fee for?

This small subscription fee allows us to offer no minimum order value. This covers the delivery across all days in the week. The subscription charges apply for all orders up to £20 per week.