All Things Butter

All Things Butter

Do you know the butter guy? Widely regarded as the ‘TikTok butter chef’, Thomas Straker is a social media superstar. The butterly brilliant, professionally trained chef quenelled his way to fame, delighting millions of followers with his viral videos.  Now boasting his own production studio and Notting Hill restaurant – not to mention over three million followers on social media – Straker has put his heart and soul into creating All Things Butter. His mission? To “place butter at the forefront of the digi-food generation, while celebrating the time-honoured traditions of British farming.”   Straker spreads the love for All Things Butter by using his brand to educate and showcase how great butter can elevate everyday eating, from humble toasting to decadent hosting.  His unique, small batch churning and hand-salting methods have been passed through generations. And All Things Butter donate 1% of their revenue to agricultural charities supporting British farming families.   We’re extremely proud to say that Thomas Straker trusted Modern Milkman to be the FIRST-EVER supplier of his dream creation. So, if you want the forefront of digi-food at your front door, join the herd and add All Things Butter’s organic butter to your next delivery! 

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