Grazed Brownies first started in 2019 as a grazing table company, creating decadent feasts for events and weddings. 

Then the pandemic hit, and like so many others out there, Grazed had to think of a new way to work. So, the founders rolled up their sleeves, creating and perfecting their favourite sweet treat – brownies – and sending them through the post.

Of course, with just one bite, their customers were hooked. Soon, the Grazed craze took over and Grazed Brownies was born. 

You can experience the Grazed Brownies craze too by ordering triple chocolate brownies, salted caramel brownies, vegan dark chocolate brownies, flapjacks, and rocky road. 

Not only are these sweet treats utterly delicious, but they’re also wrapped in plastic-free paper with a home compostable lining. This means you can have your treats knowing you’re doing your part to help the planet!

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