Meadows Honey

Meadows Honey

What makes Meadows Honey the bee’s knees of the honey world? Well, not only is their honey one of the most premium and high-quality on the market, but they also plant 300 wildflowers for every jar you buy!

It’s estimated that three-quarters of the world’s crops depend on pollinators, and bees are leading the way, helping to grow food crops and create diverse habitats. But they need our support.

That’s why the folks at Meadows Honey make sure they give back to the bees and our planet, by focusing on the welfare of bee colonies and ensuring they have plenty of nectar near their hives.

Wildflowers create complex, nutrient-rich root systems, and provide food for insects and essential pollinators. And the best news? You can keep these wonderful meadows buzzing with activity just by treating your tastebuds to a delicious jar of Meadows Honey!

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