DC Coffee

DC Coffee, Nelson Lancashire

Dom Craig at DC coffee has been roasting, grinding, brewing and selling coffee for over ten years, using only the finest beans. He provides The Modern Milkman with Columbian Blend freshly ground coffee in returnable tins. Once you’ve finished, you leave the tin out on your order day and it’ll be collected, cleaned and reused, which reduces packaging waste.

When he’s not stocking our customer’s doorsteps, he is supplying various café’s and restaurants close to his base in Nelson, Lancashire. He can also be found at local train stations and football stadiums selling out of his mobile café.

DC Coffee also source and supply our plastic free tea bags. Tea bags are one of the main plastic offenders in the household. Most recognisable brands using polypropylene to seal their tea bags, these can take over 30 years to decompose. Our Clipper Tea Bags are 100% plastic-free and can be placed in the food bin once used. Like the coffee, the tea bags are also supplied in returnable tins.

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