Derby Hill Dairy

Derby Hill Dairy, Preston Lancashire

Derby Hill Dairy in Preston, Lancashire provides all our fresh milkshakes and they are one of our main butter suppliers. They use milk from the cows on their farm and everything is sourced fresh and produced local to the farm.

Derby Hill Farm has been a working farm since 1850 and it’s been in the Bradley family for 5 generations. They supply our delicious milkshakes and the handmade farmhouse butter.

These proud Lancastrians began producing butter on the farm a few years ago and use traditional methods, which includes hand patting the butter using wooden paddles. The only ingredient they add to the cream which makes your butter is sea salt. That’s about as pure as you can get!

The milkshakes are made using their delicious whole milk from the cows on their farm, and they only add natural ingredients to it to create those brilliant flavours you’ll just want more of.

They care a great deal about their cows and that’s why they’ve been awarded an RSPCA Accreditation.

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